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Top Drives – Car Cards Racing is a card-based game for Android phones and tablets from Hutch Games. In it, you don’t need to drive a car. Instead, you must select your vehicles for a remote-controlled competition, and then you can see the race results.

There are only very simple controls and a subtle but important gameplay element. Players need to know the features and functions of their instruments. Below are some important tips that all players should be aware of.

You can check out new cars not found anywhere else with this game! With over 500 vehicles in the game, you have a wide variety to pick from. Realistic models of all cars are included, including real pictures and real distinctive characteristics. Additionally, all parameters in each car can be improved during races. Explore the automotive landscape and become the best!

There are two ways to compete in the competition. The races can be skipped and the results can be seen all at once. Or you can watch the entire competition to find out which cars perform best and which worse. Hence, we recommend that you use the latter option. The game thus becomes more entertaining and even gets you excited. Keep an eye on your car and cheer it on to victory in the race.

You will need more gold and money in Top Drives to advance. Users earn money by reading a story or chapter. The more chapters you read, the more you earn. This is common sense. Users can earn resources by completing more chapters as well.

During the game, the user’s role is to pick a storyline of his/her choice. Once that is completed, they can create or customize their avatar to make it classic and beautiful. In Top Drives – Car Cards Racing, if you choose the character with a nice look, you will earn more cash and rewards.

Don’t be afraid to invest in upgrading your characters, earning coins and spending them wisely. Make your car a thing of beauty by choosing the color and upgrading its features. To make your dreams come true, buy the car of your dreams! Anything is possible in this game!

The game Top Drives – Car Cards Racing has two currency types: gold and money. The money and gold currencies need to be created for the game, which takes about 3 hours. This feature is very tedious for many players, but the developers intend it to be this way. The beta is taking time to improve. Don’t get discouraged, because below you will discover an exciting proposal to simplify this game’s flow.

Build your own perfect racing deck in Top Drives and take on your friends or other drivers. No matter what type of car you prefer, turbocharged European with, tuned American muscle or agile Jeep, you’ll find it in this card racing game.

The game is captivating with its pixel graphics, as well as its fun gameplay that will appeal to racing fans. All the colors and shades of each car are beautifully portrayed by creators. There are a lot of great tracks on Top Drives, and the sound effects convey the racing atmosphere and competitive spirit.

Using our mod, you’ll have no problem upgrading your racing cars. You no longer have to wait to receive gold or money because you can have an unlimited amount of each. You can unlock all new tracks, automobiles, and improve them with unlimited money.

The Top Drives game and its mod were tested for an online game. You get an unlimited amount of money after installing the game. Now you can easily explore and choose your favorite car by exploring the entire huge collection presented in the application.

Build the perfect garage by leveling up your cars and selling them at the highest prices. Racing on the track requires a combination of performance, handling, traction, and handling. Start the engine. With Top Drives, you can discover and experience more and more possibilities.

Download Top Drives Mod APK

We have made every effort to create a straightforward downloading process. However, if you are downloading a modded game from a third-party source for the first time, this guide may help you:

  1. Click on the download to start the download process automatically.
  2. After downloading install APK on your android phone.
  3. Your device may prompt you for several permissions in the course of installing a new APK file. To allow installation, open the device settings and turn off the “Allow from this source” setting.
  4. After completion of installation, the game becomes available for playing!


With Top Drives you’ll get to drive along different roads, tracks, and challenges. If you like unrestrained driving, then you will love this racer.Put your feet on the floor, move your wheels along winding tracks, and showcase your drifting skills. We offer unlimited money, so you can earn money before you run out. Discover new stories and tracks much more quickly and without needing to watch any advertisements or complete any tasks. Make this game an unforgettable experience!

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