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Our site provides Township MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version, which allows you to become the richest farmer. Your farm can be upgraded and built with a lot of money. There is a growing interest in simple titles rather than fast-paced games like shooting or role-playing to relax after a long day at work. Farm games are always a top choice among many people, even though there are many kinds of entertainment games. Due to this fact, the game represents the everyday life of a farmer in a peaceful environment. Township features not only the real work of farming, but also the task of building, managing, and helping your own community grow. Along with Hay Day, Township is another popular game on Google Play that features city management. 

When you enter the town for the first time, you will be tasked with simple tasks such as plowing the first rice field and feeding the cows. You can harvest your plants and sell them for money when they grow and go through a certain time period. This method will be used to produce farm products, followed by the construction of a larger farm. Every harvest will allow you to progress to the next level, allowing you to unlock new crops and livestock. Money can be earned by selling farm products. Also, building a factory to make bread would be more efficient than buying it elsewhere. You will find this game to be a paradise if you love animals.  Various animals that live in the township can be fed on your farm. 

There are many animals suitable for eggs, including chickens, geese, … dairy animals including cows, goats, … and even pets like dogs and cats. Raising animals requires you to maintain their health and feed them regularly in order to prevent they’re getting ill and possibly dying. The construction of a warehouse is crucial for farming operations with large quantities of agricultural products. The initial warehouse Township offers you is small and has limited space. In order to upgrade, you will need new material, but this is not very easy when the materials are hard to find. Materials for upgrading the warehouse will randomly appear during harvesting, production, etc., so it depends on luck to build it. Exchanges of ingredients are possible between players. 

Thus, I encourage you to get the materials you are looking for by interacting actively with your friends. Township is more than just a farm. It’s a town you are in charge of. Thus, you have the responsibility of managing, developing, and building this town. With a growing population, you should strive to make citizens happy, leading your town to grow. The construction of amusement facilities, such as a zoo, restaurant, cinema, or museum, can contribute to the happiness of people. If you do not want to go bankrupt, you might want to consider developing farms instead of buying early decorations… I know that playing in your town makes you want it to be more beautiful, but I suggest that you first concentrate on developing your farm rather than buying early decorations.

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The game was amazing; I was completely engrossed by it thanks to a friend who invited me to play. Township is an easy, fun farm game and has lots of features you can explore. Also, the game is free and available for both Android and iOS. Click the links below to download the game.


Gold and dollars are the two kinds of money in Township. When you sell products and produce goods, you earn gold, which is the game’s most valuable currency. In addition, the questline gives you the opportunity to earn a generous amount of gold. Plant varieties and new buildings are available for purchase with gold. It is common to use the dollar to purchase special tools or to speeds up production in the United States. It is quite easy to harvest this game. In only a few minutes, it can be harvested. If you don’t want to wait, you can use a dollar to perform immediately if you do not want to wait for production and construction to be completed. Bright colors and 3D graphics have been used to render your city. Despite the game’s simplicity, the game’s graphics are both charming and friendly, giving the player a deep sense of intimacy and peace. Those who love farming games will find this game entertaining and offers a comfortable experience. Using the MOD version may result in a ban. You should be very careful after reading this warning.

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