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Imagine yourself becoming a YouTuber. What would you do? The game below will let you become a famous star on Youtube, so download it and try it out. In Tuber Simulator, PewDiePie simulates the lives of YouTube content creators, allowing you to live the affluent, wealthy lifestyle. Throughout this fun game, PewDiePie Youtube, a funny and positive character, has been in good spirits. There is no fee to access any feature in the game, but you can spend money to support your play faster and win more rewards. The goal of this simulation game is to allow players to create YouTube videos and get more views and subscribers like a pro. 

Create your YouTube video by selecting one of three randomly generated titles: ‘I’m a Tree Hugger’, ‘Mourning My Digipet’, or whatever category you choose. The views on your videos and the subscribers to your YouTube channel will make you a lot of money, and you can spend that money on some accessories for the room where you shoot your videos. Puggle, a fun animated game while you wait for the thrilling rewards in the game, will keep you entertained. Besides, you can earn brain points by completing the game’s quests. Your abilities will be upgraded and you’ll be able to create more videos simultaneously with your brain points. The game can also be played alone for free, and can also be connected with other social networks.

Players can see their avatars during a video creation or increase their viewership as the game is presented in a retro style. Meanwhile, follow hot trends online to attract visitors and include new items in your inventory. Once your Youtube channel has gained viewers and subscribers, you can add sections in the store. An easy-to-understand and self-explanatory interface are available for the player. Video recording rooms, as well as locations such as stores, are easily accessible. You can reset player information, switch quests, or link accounts simply by clicking the corresponding icon at the bottom. 

As well, you might want to upgrade your video studio so that it is more luxurious and comfortable for viewers. An appealing user interface and simple graphics make this simulation game more attractive to players. In order to develop their channels, your Tuber will level up and learn new tricks of the Youtube world. It will take a while for something you bought in the game to be delivered where you are in real life. It is also possible to increase transit times by using mini-games such as viewership charges for faster delivery. In this game, the players were guided through each part of the space well, and the game gave a clear direction to them throughout. There will be many dialogues that PewDiePie will speak during the tutorial for the game, explaining the confusing contents of the game in sarcastic tones and making you feel self-conscious about your character.

Download Tuber Simulator MOD APK

PewDiePie has created a Tuber Simulator that is free to download. The following notes are for your information:

  • Visit our installation guide for more information.
  • CPU-Z app can be used to determine the processor and GPU of Android devices


Several experience-based games are included in the game along with a full-service Internet celebrity fan service. The only currency that can be purchased through in-game purchases is ‘bux,’ and they can only be used towards speeding up in-game operations in your store. Additionally, you are rewarded with a variety of rewards such as views, subscribers by playing minigames. Perhaps many advertisements will appear to shorten the wait time and increase views. Playing this game is easy, addictive, and you’ll receive new shipments in the meantime. It is a game that takes a player through the stages of being a YouTube star by simulating everything that is required. Getting rich quickly is easy, and the gameplay is straightforward. This game provides players with an enjoyable experience as well as moments of relaxation thanks to its attractive features coupled with easy gameplay.

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