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The Weed Firm 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) will help you grow and expand your grass empire. Would you like to be the chemistry teacher in the popular television series Breaking Bad?

There is a detailed storyline in Weed Firm 2, in contrast to many business simulation games nowadays. The familiar characters from this series will be familiar to you. Continuing on from part one, the student Ted continues his weed planting missions using an old abandoned gym. He grows and sells cannabis to clients in the neighborhood using an abandoned gym.

It plays very much like farm simulation games. You start with a lab plant pot that has all the tools you need to get weed to grow. Sow a little seed and water it to let it grow. You can fertilize the plant to grow faster, making it even easier to harvest.

Weed Firm 2 limits your energy to 100 (Known as High). Watering will cost you one High, manure will reduce one High, the harvest will be reduced by four High. You can increase your High by purchasing or by “getting high” with the customer.

Once you’ve harvested your plants, you can sell your crop to your customers, who’ll knock at your door. You’ll be able to trade with them for money and to grow your cannabis empire.

After each level, the store unlocks new weeds. These weeds are more valuable, so you make more money selling them. You have to know that your customers will come to you when they know what they want to buy. You are going to find it easier to generate high-end product sales if you offer high-end products. There are many seeds for sale that include Sativa, Indica, White Widow, Skunk, Alien Strain.

Try to unlock as many posts as you can and plant all the seeds you have to grow quickly. Even though you have to work harder, you will reap more weed each time you harvest.

I am not kidding. After upgrading the lab, you can cultivate magic weeds and sell them to the aliens. This shows your reputation is well known beyond Earth’s reach. However, aliens do not speak English, so you must hire an interpreter to transact with them.

Then you can open a Space Bar and sell in bulk to aliens, or better yet, buy a spaceship and open a Space Bar.

Sometimes, your job is dangerous. You have to face dangerous clients (They come with 0 RESPECT) who may not pay you or even rob you if you accept weed from them. If you strive to make them respect you, then maybe you can work together and communicate with them.

Your living room looks a bit empty, buy a sofa instead. With a modern and elegant room decoration, you gain RESPECT points with your customers and they will be more willing to pay you. Clean up your floor and replace it with plush floor tiles if you feel that it’s cluttered and not attractive. It will also help attract more women to come to your home more frequently.

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This game offers you an in-depth experience of growing and selling cannabis. You’ll encounter danger and fear when dealing with law enforcement officers and criminals. A significant component of the game is showing you how to be a good businessman, as well as how to deal with unreasonable customer behavior, and who tends to be hooligans.


The graphics in Weed Firm 2 aren’t as beautiful or as sharp as top games, but they do a very good job for the context of this game. The color scheme is a bit somber, a secret lab for an illegal job.

There is an interesting design to the music. You listen to a radio in the lab, and when you visit the store you can unlock the songs you want to listen to and change the music in the game.

Weed Firm 2 MOD APK version gives you unlimited money, so you can buy the most advanced tools for your lab.

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