Westland Survival Mod APK [Free Craft, Unlimited Food]

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It has never been so easy to survive in the wild west. With Westland Survival MOD APK (Free Craft, Unlimited Food) all you have to do is download the free mod and start playing!

Helio Games developed Westland Survival, a survival role-playing game in the Westland game genre. As a result, it can be compared to Last Day On Earth since the two games have the same gameplay. The difference with this game is that it takes place in Western America, so it uses bright colors and not horror like LDOE. If you like cowboys, if you love riding through the Wild West and solving everything with a gun, then this game is for you.

Why are criminals in this part of the country so free? Laws in the West are something that criminals do not enforce. Even the police are willing to sell a good person for a few dollars.

In the West, there is only the strong and the weak. To survive in the West, you need to learn how to fight and protect yourself. You play a trader. This country was once attacked by bandits, leaving half of the people to die, leaving only you alive. Now you only have revenge left to do. Find these guys and hang them together at the gallows, or get them with a gun.

The robbers took it all away: all of your stuff, all of your friends, and all of your weapons… Now you hold two empty hands in the middle of a desert – a strange and dangerous place. The two things most important for survival right now are food and water. Begin collecting the few remaining materials and repurpose some of them. Make some tools from stone and wood and employ them to hunt, exploit and manufacture.

When night falls, the dangers begin. A house is the best defense when this happens. Build a small house from wood and stone and you’ll be safe. A bandit may come by or animals might hunt at night. If you have excess items, you can sell them to the natives in exchange for money or exchange for what you want.

Besides health, you need to be extremely careful about the dangers around you. Robbers, bounty hunters, or predators can all pose a threat to your life, so you have to be ready to deal with them. Even other players would like to kill you to steal your items. The best way to protect yourself is to receive powerful weapons and improve your combat skills. Increases in strength and health also happen when you level up.

You will have the following MOD features in the MOD version:

  • Feel free to craft
  • Buildings are free
  • The upgrade is free.
  • They offer unlimited foods.
  • Moreover…

Download Westland Survival MOD APK

Although the game has similar gameplay to Last Day On Earth, Westland Survival still has compelling content and addictive features. With the Cowboy theme, you’ll have a unique experience. If you wanna challenge yourself and explore the Western culture, perhaps you should play Westland Survival.


Besides survival activities, Westland Survival is an ideal game for you if you dream of living life as a cowboy. I love riding my horse around the map when I have free time. There are plenty of amazing activities you can participate in such as witnessing gunfights between cowboys and getting bonuses. These kinds of episodes are usually seen in Western cowboy movies.

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