Zenonia 3 Mod APK [Unlimited Skills, Gold, Stats]

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You can play the ZENONIA 3 online with other players, or on your own. Choose one of four heroes with unique abilities and solve 277 unique maps after solving 136 quests. There are more than two hundred types of weapons and armor. A hundred kinds of weapons and armor, and more than two hundred monsters line the pages of the game. You have to pass many levels by solving logical problems. The graphics are charming and the sounds pleasant.

How to Download Zenonia 3 Mod APK?

Then you need to download at least two files: APK and Data files in order for the game to work properly. Click download and you’ll be taken to the download server (sometimes we keep the backups on Google Drive).

How to Install?

Install the game by tapping on the downloaded APK file in your notification bar after it is finished downloading. Alternatively, navigate to the Download folder in your File Manager, locate the game and install it.

Install Blocked?

Unknown sources can be viewed by entering your Setting>Security (check it if there’s no mark)

About Zenonia 3 Mod APK

As with previous games in the series, this one features real-time exploration and combat. The main character, Chael, can be controlled through the use of an on-screen d-pad. Also included are optional side quests that the player can complete to further the exploration of the world. Each of Chael’s four available classes offers a different approach to combat. The Sword Knight and Shadow Hunter fight close-ranged. The Mechanic Launcher and Nature Shaman use ranged weapons.


After being transferred against his will into an unseen realm called Midgard, Chael, the adopted son of the first Zenonia game’s protagonist Regret, sets out to find his rightful place. On his quest, Celine and Runa, two sarcastic fairies from the Divine Tribe, accompany the mage while on his quest.

Features in Zenonia 3 Mod APK

  • A total of 227 unique maps are available for Midgard.
  • There are 136 quests.
  • Four different avatars can be chosen as heroes: the Sword Knight, Shadow Hunter, Mechanic Launcher, or Nature Shaman.
  • Modus operandi of an execution room
  • Four awards, 47 titles, and 4 Game Center achievements
  • You can find all kinds of weapons, 120 types of helmets, 120 armors, 100 kinds of gloves, and 100 kinds of footwear to capture the detail of your hero.
  • The number of intelligent monsters is over 200.
  • An Intuitive control system

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