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A zombie may not be a new topic for many players, but it has a captivating force that draws them. The monsters possess a variety of different shapes and characteristics, but they have one trait in common, they can infect people. When people become infected, they can bring destruction to the world.

There are a few survivors who have managed to survive and overcome the apocalypse. Zero City: Last Bunker, Shelter & Survival Games is the perfect picture of life after the apocalypse.

At the same time, you will be able to see the desolate world of the post-apocalyptic world when playing Zero City. As such, gamers who love the genre will find the graphics captivating and will draw them into the world.

In this game, players won’t take part in first-person or third-person battles involving zombies. Instead, they’ll see everything in a 2D view; the viewing angle is always reasonable when you play this game.

This game is mainly focused on managing shelters where zombie-infested post-apocalyptic refugees reside. You will be the shelter’s manager and ensure that their lives are completely secure for as long as possible.

One of the exciting experiences in Zero City is to help those human survivors live in a more stable bunker. In particular, you’ll have to figure out a way to build a shelter and enable survivors to live in it on their own, while at the same time facilitating gradual living poses interesting challenges.

Once you begin walking, a lot of things appear in front of your eyes, and you pay attention. For example, stabilizing life is the first step in many other endeavors within this game. bases and rooms will be available to you to build other things in the shelter. Thus, after acquiring a certain number of characters, they can be sorted into categories depending on their specialization.

Your base will quickly become increasingly modern with defensive structures, like food shops and weapons shops, before the end, so you’ll have many locations to choose from. So there will be numerous functions you can use, and as the days pass, new stuff will appear and fill up your shelter. When your civilization is able to live steadily and develop through inevitable progression, you will feel satisfied.

There is more to it than simply creating a space that is safe for many people. That is just the beginning stages of the game. You have to locate specialized rooms to develop weapons, costumes, and technical items during combat. It is necessary t be involved in battles against angry zombies.

Besides the fortified defenses, you will be able to send different groups to progress the world. So every time you will encounter many zombies, your character will be equipped with many weapons to kill them. Hence it will always be enjoyable to be under certain pressures and demands.

When your weapon is equipped properly, you will feel confident when taking part in many of the gameplay levels. Players will participate in a tournament where both sides’ health counts are shown. Both zombies will attack the other at once, so keep your team strong. A game screen will have support items you can use to help contribute to the victor’s success in the game.

Download Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival Mod APK

Now you can download Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival absolutely free. Here is some important information:

  • Check out our installation guide for more information.
  • The CPU-Z app can be used to check the CPU and GPU of Android devices.


There is one thing that you are certain about in Zero City: you’re not alone. Hence, you not only have to expand the shelter to survive but also participate in combat against other players. Therefore, this should bolster your confidence after each victory.

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