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One of the main characters in the game is a schoolgirl who saves the world from zombies. She is the only girl in her class since the rest of her classmates were all killed by the zombies.

In the Zgirls Mod Apk, you will control that beautiful girl and must defend yourself against the zombies. The main character will be under your control to ask for help from the other girls and train them for a zombie fight.

Train the girls on fighting skills to help them defeat the zombies. You and your companions will face endless waves of zombies. To survive, you must eliminate all the zombies facing you and your friends.


We discussed a few of the main features and highlights of Zgirls Apk for your benefit, so you can quickly grasp its main idea and features.

  • Bases can be upgraded
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • The quest
  • There has been progress.
  • Apply force
  • The compatibility
  • A leaderboard
  • Sign in

Upgrade Base

Build your base as high as you can to defeat the zombies, since the zombies will gain energy with each stage and you have to be ready to stop them before they attack.

Your base companions and you need to be upgraded with new equipment every time to stand up against zombies and the other players in the game.

Manufacture Equipment

You need to assemble new equipment to make your base and force even better, because as each new stage approaches the zombies and their powers will be advanced, so you need to be prepared.


You’ll have many quest and event opportunities with other 30 Million active users. You’ll have an abundance of opportunities to improve.

Make Friends

Zgirls Mod Apk is more than just playing, you can also meet new people all around the world and join their teams. You can add as many users as you’d like.


You can see the progress of your health while fighting the zombies with the progress bar at the top of your avatar.


This game’s interface is well designed and quite impressive, so it is quite easy to get addicted.

Make Force

Train your force in the base, and you will be able to defeat the zombies and the whole strands of them.


This application runs on almost every android based device; however, one requirement for the game is that it is running on an android operating system with 4.2 or higher.


You can compare your score with others on the leader board so that you know how you compare with other players in the game.

Sign in

When downloading or opening the application, make sure that Google Play Store is installed and you are signed in.

Honor Trophy 

The player’s success will be measured by the total number of honor points he or she earns in the game.


A simple and easy interface has been implemented so even users without any technical skills can make use of this application for the very first time with great ease.


All the gestures to be used by characters will be controlled through their controls on the screen, and new users will be instructed first about all gestures through the user manual.


Since zombie-based even movies are getting much fame, people love to watch captivating concept movies, so developers decided to develop this zombie-chasing game “Zgirls Mod Apk” in which one can fight with the zombies.

You must try this game on our recommendation if you like movies based on zombies and thrills. You will not be disappointed.


Q: Is Zgirls is available on the google play store?

On Google Play you can get this game, though only in the official version, not the modified one.

Q: Does Zgirls include in-app purchases?

If you are speaking of the official version, you can purchase in-app items in it.

Q: Does Zgirls is safe to install?

No matter if you download the Modded version or the official one, both versions are 100% safe and secured for smartphones.

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