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Several publishers have created their own products as a result of these products. I’ll be reviewing Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, a game with a timeless theme, human vs. zombie. As you can tell from the name of the game, this is the sequel to Zombie Diary, a well-loved mobile game. Simple controls and no need for much skill make the game very suitable for people looking for an entertaining game. When the player uses skills or shoots the horizontal screen, they move their character in that direction.

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution takes place in an imaginary future where there are zombies everywhere, destroying everything and putting mankind in the last place on earth. The end of mankind is imminent in the event of a terrible catastrophe. One of the survivors, you will take the weapon to kill all the zombies and prevent a group of them from spreading. It is in your hands to decide the fate of mankind. As a whole, the plot is pretty standard, with your primary goal being to collect your weapon to kill zombies. As far as this game goes, I was impressed by the plot, and the game is full of mysteries that need your answers.

In Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, you are given the task of killing zombies; however, the zombies appear and attack you at two points rather than just in front. Your character will have to be adjusted to the different sides for them all to be destroyed. The encounters are endless and fast-paced, so you can play for hours without getting bored. You can kill zombies in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, but there are also many other tasks to keep you entertained. Missions to rescue hostages, defend, etc., are commonly carried out. 

The money you receive after each level will be used to upgrading and improving your character. The game’s eleven maps will present you with numerous challenges and surprises. The shop offers more than 30 kinds of weapons such as pistols, rifles, snipers, and even mech guns. If you want to own it, you can buy it in the store before starting or get it on the battlefield. There are different amounts of ammo and damage associated with each gun. Increasing the power and strength of a weapon can be a powerful way of increasing a character’s strength.

It is also possible to purchase more characters with the money. In addition to having different shapes and styles, these characters also have a different set of indicators that have advantages and disadvantages of their own. You can use medicine to enhance your character’s stats, just as you can with weapons. Characters with a faster speed are given priority in the quest to escape, for example. During the hostage rescue mission, characters with large armor and a high-performance suit. 

The simple 2D graphics of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution allows for easy navigation through the game. Because the game’s characters are drawn in a cartoon style, there’s little sense of horror, even though zombies are a part of it. There are many places to explore, ranging from the street to a laboratory, on this colorful game screen. Unlike the game’s gameplay, the background music doesn’t offer anything special, just a repetitive melody. Zombies and gunfire make a lot of noise, so at times I was startled when one rushed out of the darkness suddenly.

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There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn in the game. Using it, you can upgrade weapons and buy new ones. The money you receive after buying a weapon is substantial. It is still possible to buy one even if you do not have enough money.


Zombie Diary 2: Evolution may be what you’re looking for if you are a fan of zombie games. Download the appropriate version and install the game on your phone. As a result of the violence, games are only suitable for adults.

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